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“Where light, love, and breath collide, a baby is born. Documenting life's miraculous memories, and oh so much more.”

A Baby is sunshine and moonbeams and birthing to be born. Brightening your world as never before!

My most fulfilling jauerna, of my creative business, shooting these sweet, innocent, newborns! I am obsessed with new life and documenting their sweet beginnings, as entering this world in wonderment. They have just arrived and never, ever will they be this little, and innocent again. Time is of the essence, and I will want to see you all before they are 10 days old. I have all the wardrobe you need, all you have to do is show up, with a bottle of expressed milk or formula, and or a pacifier, and we will take if over from there. Once you have arrived, relax, have a snack, lunch, coffee, and or a drink. We will take over the rest! We got you, all you have to do is let us know what colors you prefer, and Pam and our staff will photograph your baby in perfection! All the rest is cake.

The Sweet Scent of Heaven Sent!

How do I even begin? As a grandmom of 7 beautiful children, and 3 of my own, I am obsessed at the beauty of the beginning of life. There is a scent, from heaven above, and a pure love's light that shines down on this earth when these sweet little ones are born, and handed to their parents to be held for the first time! I want to document their innocence, and the wonderment and awe that is bestowed upon their parents as they gaze upon this sweet miracle that God has bestowed upon them. Bring me all the glory and blessings before they outgrow this beautiful newborn stage. I will want to photograph them before they are 10 days old if possible. I have all the wardrobe and props, all you have to worry about is bringing yourselves, and your sweet, new, little addition! If you choose to be photographed with your newborn, just you, or your entire family, we can certainly set that up beforehand as well.



How will you want to remember this beautiful time in your life? Waiting for your sweet, little bundle to arrive? As a stylist, I do provide wardrobe for you to choose from or you can certainly bring in your own. You can choose to be photographed with your spouse, boyfriend, and or partner if you wish, as well as a selection of images of just you and that sweet baby belly. I will want to partner with you to determine a location, wardrobe, and day and time. I will want to set up your time with me when you are 7 to 7 1/2 months along. This will ensure you are not feeling to big and uncomfortable yet, but also looking pregnant enough for the images. We can shoot in studio or outdoors as well. You will be with me a couple of hours of shoot time.

Let's Meet In The Studio Or Outdoors, The sky Is The Limit!

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“God creates the beauty, my camera and I are the witness.”