I am a creative through and through, what can I say! I like to go over the top and that is just my style, and even though I am 66, I live most of my life like I am still in my 20's, or at least I like to think I do. Many people have tried to tell me I need to stay in one jaunera, or one area of expertise, but I say do what motivates you and shoot what you love and what ticks all the boxes for you. I like to find out from my clients what they are loving and what style do they see themselves in? Let's bring that to the table, I can do anything. If you don't know what that is, then it is my job to help you define it. I want YOU to be happy and joyful about this process, and to receive the images that YOU want. Yes, my style is all over the board, and rightfully so, that is because no 2 people are alike, and no other session should be just like yours. Let's create your perfect session and images, let's do you! I cannot wait, we've got this!