How do you even describe this time in your life? Scary, unknown, excited, freaking out, changing body, beautiful body, anticipation, so many emotions! Oh my goodness, the most anticipated, a physical expression of your love, and commitment to each other. This is why we document because today is never the same as it was yesterday. I adore capturing all the emotions of this highly anticipated time in both of your lives. I do not fit into a box of all the same looking images, as you can see. I want this to be about you and your vision and love, with a certain amount of creativity thrown in there as well.


I am passionate about serving you and your new, sweet family. Any time of the year is a great time to shoot your maternity images. Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring is perfect. I just want to see you when you are 7 to 7.5 months along. Having fun is the main objective, and yes, you will be a bit nervous, but after about 5 minutes in front of my camera, you will be totally relaxed and I guarantee you will be having the time of your life! Sooo, let's do this thing, I cannot wait to share a bit of time with you and create these wonderful memories. What are you waiting for?

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