I would of given anything to have a beautiful portrait of my mom and dad before she passed away 6 years ago. ANYTHING! That is the power of an image frozen in time. It preserves our memories, it freezes time, it brings warm and fuzzies, or painful realities, all at once, in an instant, a click of the shutter, done. From the beginning of our arrival to this earth, to the day we are laid in the ground, we are reflecting, on the past, present, and the future. How wonderful to leave the legacy of a portrait of a loved one, a reflection of a special event that we do not want to forget, or just present day sweetness, or pain. Photography for me is a way of bearing love for this life. I feel as if everywhere I turn I am always in awe of God's creation and the joy that it brings me. Photography is my way to bear witness to this beauty, joy, and pain.